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Perego "arrived on the planet" on the 24th day of October in the year 1967. A quadruple Scorpio, the stars lending their unanimous opinion to a being determined and forceful, emotional and intuitive, powerful and passionate, exciting and magnetic. Also, gifted with a then unknown artistic family legacy, he immediately showed talent in art, theater and music and seemed destined for creativity at an early age.

After a brief stint at the Joe Kubert Art School, Perego dropped out and enrolled in the school of life, embarking on a career as a freelance commercial artist. Arriving in Philadelphia in 1990, Perego saturated the hip and funky South Street area with his unique blend of urban expression, versatile style and inspirational energy. Night clubs, coffeehouses, and restaurants all had artwork by Perego.

After bouncing up & down the east coast doing freelance work from New York to Miami, he finally settled into the Daytona Beach area in 1992. There, Perego soon began applying his talents, and expanding into interior design in the beachside locale. Working with Miltos Exarhou of Catalyst Entertainment, he helped in the creation of a line of entertainment properties including The Coliseum, The Spot, Java Lava, Bravo, The Love Bar, The Groove Nightclub, Jambalaya Islandbar.


As a designer & an artist working throughout Central Florida, Perego was sought by Scenic City (DeLand), a group he led in painting of the massive AT&T world globe (Times Square). Other projects included the 25th Anniversary of Walt Disney World (Orlando), and the 13,000 sq ft trompe l'oeil out-door mural adorning ABC Carpet and Home (Boca Raton). Theatrical Designer for A.P.A. Studios, a New York-based animation studio. The signature piece of the Volusia County Courthouse and Pioneer Park, the nationally-acclaimed, award-winning historic mural in DeLand, Florida and the "largest" Harley Motorcycle dealer in the world- Bruce Rossmeyer's Harley Davidson of Daytona, Fort Lauderdale, & Destination Daytona also carry Perego's signature. The T.D. Waterhouse (Orlando) and the Office Depot Center (Sunrise, Fl.) also exhibit his work. As Art Director for Walt Disney World Entertainment. Perego's vision helped launch the Disney Cruise Line Inaugural Event (Cape Canaveral), the Animal Kingdom Press Event and the Premier Party for Cirque du Soliel (Downtown Disney, Orlando).

In television, his art direction & scenic work can be seen on Univision, BET, as well as on the local PBS.

Making a name for himself with large-scale murals, nightclub / restaurant design & fine art wasnt enough for his ferocious creative appetite & Perego began getting serious about his passion- LIVE performance art. As an entertainer, PeregoLIVE use of styles & techniques as if they were also colors on his palette leave spectators in awe. While other artists try to make simple painting look hard, Perego flexes his masterful technical muscles & makes a hard painting look easy. He impresses his clients, wows their guests & helps charities raise thousands of dollars. His acts are like no other- bringing Performance Art of all kinds to the mainstream public. He is to performance art what Kriss Angel is to the magic world. His by-line is Art that Rocks & he does all that & more. He is not only famous for his "signature" (slamming his paint covered hair on the canvas) but is also known for getting even crazier than that- sometimes even setting his painting ablaze just to watch it burn.  "blew my mind!" is a common reaction from a PeregoLIVE show. Now throwing paint around the world, for the leading Art and Entertainment industries, Perego and the ART ARMY ART PARTY has become a sensation worldwide.

Perego is also an Art Activist & the co-founder of the ART ARMY. A global organization dedicated to raising consciousness & broadcasting the message-


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